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Myths about therapy

I will become dependent on my therapist.
I will see my therapist for the rest of my life. 
The goal of therapy is to gain interpersonal insight, and not rely on others, including your therapist.  The ultimate goal of your therapy is that you will no longer need your therapist. 

People will think I am crazy if I see a therapist.  Being in therapy is not a crazy action.  It is the most rational solution for dealing with a problematic situation.  Seeking therapy helps show that you recognize the need to tackle your conflicts, in a safe and supportive environment.

Therapy is too costly.  When you think of costs, consider the cost of your conflicts in terms of your emotional pain and subjective suffering, your loss of productivity, the effect of your stress and anxiety on your physical health, and the way your emotional conflicts affect your work and family relationships.

I'll never be able to know which therapist is the right one for me, because there are so many out there!   Your best bet is to go with your gut.  Ask yourself during your initial session if you feel comfortable with your therapist.  If you do not feel moderately comfortable during the first session, chances are you will not be able to work with that individual.  Also, feel free to ask questions you need to ask before making up your mind about therapy.  Remember, you have the right to ask your therapist about his/her background, experience, education, the approach he or she follows, and what the exact fees are for treatment.  If your therapist avoids answering your questions or appears irritated by your inquiries, then you should probably seek counseling elsewhere.

I think I will see a life coach, they are the same thing anyway.  While seeing a life coach is a viable option for some, keep in mind that therapists and life coaches are not the same thing.  Therapists have clinical training which support the client in discovering the client's own path, and helping the client become an independent and emotionally healthy individual.  

Other people in my life will think that I have failed if I start therapy.  Others cannot live your life for you.  If you are feeling the need to seek therapeutic help, then this usually means that you have reached your personal ceiling of frustration and are feeling stuck.  Others in your life will eventually appreciate the positive changes generated from your therapeutic experience.  Therapy helps you develop your self-reliance within the context of better relationships with others.
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