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Each of us shared the same vision...

...provide quality counseling services in a nurturing, compassionate and collaborative environment. We quickly discovered that we shared the similar values of acceptance, creativity, and discovery, and that we wanted to put these into practice with one another.

We began our graduate studies at Lewis and Clark College. Throughout our time studying and working together, we developed a deep respect and admiration for each other's work and we began to create a plan for developing a practice together. We realized we each had unique strengths, skills and experience to contribute and became devoted to making our vision a reality. From this, Living Groove was born.

Why Living Groove?

Compassionate Approach

Various Therapeutic Specialties

Collaborative Therapy

We were drawn to a name that recognizes the complexities of living. We wanted something that represents the varieties, ups, downs and curves that occur as we move through life. Groove represents the unique path from which every person carves their story and the dynamic way in which this evolves over time. 

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